Download List (updated 4/7/2003)

This download page is dedicated to our multiplayer missions. These are *not* MODS. Just mission files and scripts. All of them do use only standard GhostRecon installation and doesn't modify the initial settings, or require anything else than the full retail version. If used on servers (as they are mainly intended for multiplayers games), the clients machine *don't* need to have these files. Only the server will do. If you are looking for MODS, skins or weapons, check our affiliates pages.

Custom MultiPlayer Missions. 44 Kb Download. V2.5

Hamburger Hill missions revisited by PDL Team Mod. 251 Kb Download. V3.1

Visit the maps (Includes Desert Siege maps). 2 Kb Download. V2.0

Silver Bullet ( A Sniper mission).

 Silver Bullet


Hamburger Hill missions revisited by PDL Team Mod. V3.1 Includes Desert Siege missions!

The Ghostrecon campaign maps have been revisited for a better Hamburger Hill experience (including the Desert Siege maps).

The base to hold has been repositionned according to the map.
The respawn points have been repositionned appropriately.
A resupply zone has been added in each of base, and allow players to get ammo back (useful for defending tactics)
A message warns all players when someone has taken control of the base for his team.
A timer has been set to start scoring point (default value to 60 secondes). This means that the scoring will only begin after this amount of time, for the team holding the base.
When you lose control of the base, the score of your team is displayed.
Some maps have a base position that allows one team (always team 4 when this is set this way) to be very close to the base at the start of a game (it's score will only be incremented after 60 secondes though).
The maps Red Square, refinery and Depot have two separate bases to control.

All these files are mission files (server side only). As such they don't require any MOD installation. Just copy them in the Mods/Origmiss/Mission folder of your GhostRecon directory of the server that will run them. It won't erase or replace any file, or change any setting in any way. The clients don't need it installed on their machine to play in it.

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Custom MultiPlayer Mission : Artillery Support and Choppers Extraction.

Choppers extraction (using caves map) and Artillery Support (using battlefield Map) are two new PDL customized Multiplayer mission. Victory condition have been altered and your team must hold and protect the base for 3 mn in a row to win the game. Base and respawn points have been reworked appropriately, and integrated smoothly for these games objectives. Special effects have been added to the missions.
Extraction at base camp: The camp must be held until the choppers arrive to extract your team from the site.
Artillery support: You must radio your position to your artillery support company. They will then establish an artillery barrage around your position, to make enemy progression toward your position more dangerous.

These are mission files. As such it doesn't require any MOD installation. Just copy them in the Mods/Origmiss/Mission folder of your GhostRecon directory of the server that will run it. they won't erase or replace any file, or change any setting in any way. The clients don't need it installed on their machine to play in it. At the server admin screen you need to select Game Mode "Team", and use "Mission" as Type. You will then be able to select "*PDL* Custom01 Extraction" or "*PDL* Custom08 Artillery" in the list of the left. The recommended settings are 10mn play, and Respawn infinite. By setting Respawn on, players will be respawned randomly on the edge of the map, but never in the camp itself or directly around it!

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Visit the maps and Prepare yourself for Multiplayer games
Unlock all Desert Siege Maps!

If you want to be able to visit the maps without bothering about enemies, time limit or objectives, this download is for you. A great way to prepare for multiplayer challenges. The command map shows the four insertion bases (one per team) and the central area (used in standard Hamburger Hill scenarios).

A readme.txt file with installation instruction is provided in the downloaded files. By the way, installing these files will also unlock all the maps even if the campaign has not been completed. It will *not* unlock the heroes!

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Silver Bullet, a sniper mission by PDL Northpal.

This mission is directly inspired from the movie "Snipers", with Tom Berenger.
Silver Bullet is not an easy mission. It has been crafted to be playable many times, and things won't happen always the same when you replay it. A lot of randomization has been used to make this mission challenging, fun, and playable over and over again. This is my first co-op mission. the other missions I had done where mainly multiplayer side and had no enemies in them (Hamburger Hill Revisited, Extraction at base camp, Artillery support).
Here is the briefing:
Good morning gentlemen! Our intelligence has established that Colonel Mogabbe, the leader of the terrorist organization The Khalaat, is to meet Dmitri Papakolov, a well known drug smuggling war lord, in a house of a remote area in the albanian mountains. Your primary mission is to eliminate Mogabbe. If you have the opportunity to take out Papakolov, do so, but he is not your primary target. Mogabbe is a very elusive character, and his security service is well trained. You will be inserted in the zone through an abandoned train tunnel. We have established that Papakolov is on it's way, and contact with Mogabbe should occur 5 minutes after your insertion on the zone. Be prepared, be swift, be silent, be deadly. Operation Siver Bullet has begun!

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