April 7, 2003: Some news

Despite a long period without any news, PDL clan has not been inactive. Hagen has undertaken a rewrite of the French CS website, and is being helped by RogerLeBut (map Votes) and Cirederf (Stats). Meanwhile, Northpal is still busy working on the NWTactics-Gold mod for neverwinterNights, a knights and sorcerors capture the flag type game!.... More recently, the Ghostrecon mission Silver Bullet made in June 2002 by Northpal has been posted on the GR part of the site.

August 13, 2002: NeverWinter Nights

PDL Northpal is taking an active part to the development of a new Player Versus Player module for NeverWinter NIghts. Capture The Flag, Take the Gold, hamburger Hill are some of the missions brought into NeverWinter Night with this mod. For once you can play paladins, wizards, clerics or rogue and try to accomplish the same missions as your favorite FPS. Check out NWTactics from the Neverwinter Nights link!




August 9, 2002: Two new PDL Members

Our friends from the clan [59] have decided to join the PDL clan. They are warmly welcome amongst us, and even if they are still PDL newbies for now, we are sure they will rise up to the challenge of being PDL and even go beyond. Welcome to PDL Cirederf and PDL RogerLeBut!




July 4, 2002: Gloupide II

The new Counterstrike PDL server is now available. It is a 16 slots public server, FF=ON, available 24/7. Its address is:




June 2, 2002: PDL Laimuh

We have a new member in the clan! Welcome to Laimuh, ghostrecon player, and now PDL member.




May 18, 2002: MORPF against cheaters

Ghostrecon community get organized to act against cheaters. The project is named MORPF, and the official web site can be found here. PDL clan do support this project. We already have a very active cheater policy for our counterstrike server gloupide (check out the banned player list we publish), and we will follow the evolution of MORPF with a lot of interest.




May 10, 2002: Dungeon Siege Map Editor released!

Hooray! Dungeon Siege now has it's Siege Editor available. A beta version mind you, but it is something. This is the first Fantasy game allowing the community to create it's own maps and dungeons (of course, neverwinter Nights will be there soon also..). I will try it and may open a whole new area of the site for this super-nice diablo like game. Stay tuned!




May 5, 2002: Gloupide server status and Stats

Thanks to Cirederf of clan [59] for pointing out (and displaying on his team web site) the Q3 plugin allowing to directly get the status of HL servers and using it to display Gloupide status. This has been now also implemented ou our site, in the Stats page. The statistics page is now getting close to it's definitive form: You can look at the stats per maps, and for each one of them per side (terro or CT, or all together). I hope you will like it. As you may have noticed, we like to emphazise team play, and this shows in the stats, are there are both the individual and the team perf of the players.




April 30, 2002: Ghostrecon meet Counterstrike!

Now that the tools to create new Ghostrecon maps have been released, they are beginning to arrive. Three of them have been released : Market, The Lost Mountain and... Aztec! Yes, THE Aztec from Counterstrike.
Go take a look at these resources proposed by




April 29, 2002: Gloupide Stats updated

At last, the gloupide CS stats have been updated, and the stats will begin to be available per map. Right now, only Italy and Predator are featured, but this week new stats maps will be featured.




April 24, 2002: New Counterstrike version

It's out and can be downloaded on all the main servers. Main feedback from PDL Formans : There is no FAMAS available, jumping does slow down people and do reduce accuracy (bye bye bunny hoppers!), when killed we see the shooter right away, radio messages are not overheard by the nenemy anymore. Some tweaks that look good (except for the bunnies, of course, but who cares about bunnies!!!)




April 2, 2002: Ooops!

For those that downloaded the Hamburger Hill revisited v3.0 (you can see the version number in the readme file), you may want to get the v3.1. My script for the Desert Siege maps had a bug that prevented a correct respawn for these maps. This is now fixed...




April 1, 2002: Multiplayer Missions updated with Desert Siege!

No Joke!
You can visit our download page to get the latest multiplayer missions: Hamburger Hill revisited and Custom Missions. For Hamburger Hill revisited, the missions for Desert Siege maps have been added. For the custom missions (Artillery and Extraction), a bug that caused the missions to run indefinitively on a server has been fixed.




March 27, 2002: Ghostrecon Desert Siege released! New Patch available!

It looks like Xmas to me! Desert Siege has been shipped out and his available in some stores and Redstorm has released a new patch to go along with this release!!! The patch feature a HTML stats generator for GR! I can't wait to take a look at this feature,
Desert Siege itself has 8 new mission maps and new multiplayers maps. They also have two new official multiplayer missions type, named Domination and Siege. Well, if you have already played in PDL Hamburger Hill revisited or the Custom Multiplayer missions Artiilery support or Extraction at base camp, you will probably be somewhat familiar with these concept ! One of the great thing is that they are now allowing respawn near the start base, according to your starting base. I'm sure there will be plenty of cool use for this feature, if it's available from Igor. Last and not least, the tools to create new maps are
out there. Mike Schell has already released a two room brand new map! At least, Ghostrecon has all the tools needed to soar! many kudos to RedStrom and Ubi Soft!!!




March 25, 2002: The realistic future of our favorite games !

Check out this article.




March 24, 2002: PDL Stats for Counterstrike

The last weeks have been busy for me with a new project : a new stat analyser for Counterstrike. You will find the first results of this work on the CS Stats page. Basically, as a clan, and for our server, we want to be able to rank players according to their team results. So two set of data are used : Individual data with Kills and Deaths, and a perf ration equal to Kills/Deaths, and team data with the number of points that a player got per play (2 pts for a win, 3 pts for a mission completed - bomb the site or rescue the hostages), and a perf per team which is the % of team points won compared to the maximum number of points that one could get according to the number of play he did. To be featured with a perf, a player must have had at least 10 kills, or played in 10 different rounds.

More is coming down the round, with analysis per maps, side, and weapons. Check the web site in the next weeks.

I now hope that Ghostrecon also will soon have logs available for stats and analysis. Come on, RedStorm, just do it!




March 3, 2002: Hamburger Hill revisited v1.3

This update of the multiplayer PDL missions brings in the following :
- The castle map by day from the demo is now part of the missions available (m06a).
- Information messages about the number of points each team is away from the leading team is displayed every 75 secondes, and makes it easier to see when a team need to catch up bad.
- The Red Square map has been given two separate base to hold, on on each side of the middle building, to avoid long walk back to the fight. The respawn are split evenly between the two part of the map. This kind of control is probably close to the domination mode that RSE is talking about for the first mission pack. Players feedback on this Red Square mission is welcome, so that I can see if other big maps should have the same two or three bases settings.




March 2, 2002: It's been a while..

.. that I didn't had time to update this site. Real life stuff, ya know... Well anyway, I had the visit of my pal Hagen down there, and we spent much time playing... Magic Online Beta. Hal also started a CS PDL server named Gloupide that is becoming quite popular, so we are working on updating some pages for CS and some stats logs. For GhostRecon, I can't set up a server yet myself. If anybody reading these line would like to set a dedicated server carrying PDL maps 24/7, email me so that we could work out something. Talk to you soon again..




February 6, 2002: The patch is out!

The english patch is out and is being posted around. You can grab it from the some mirrors files that you will find at sites like or




February 3, 2002: Artillery Support mission available

Artillery support is a new multiplayer PDL customized mission for Ghostrecon. Each team must fight to control the village in the center of the Battlefield map. Control is taken by reaching the destroyed Humvee in the center of the village. Artillery support will then begin around the village to make enemy progression toward the village more dangerous. Unlike standard Hamburger Hill,the team must hold the village for 3 minutes in a row to win. If the team loses control, it must reestablish control and hold the zone again for 3mn.

This multiplayer mod features explosions special effects, information messages, ammo resupply zone, and some parameters that can be changed for your best gaming pleasure (default control time can be changed to 2 or 4 mn instead of 3 mn, you can slow of increase the artillery explosion rate, and you can set the game so that only holding the zone for the set amount of time will give victory to a team - point accumulation count is an option only).

Download it here .




February 2, 2002: Mission pack Desert Siege

IGN PC has published a review of the upcoming Mission Pack .




January 30, 2002: New Screen shots and a patch soon...

Two new screenshots of the next mission pack have been released.
As a reminder, we are also near February first and we hope that the patch will be delivered soon (around 35 Mg). Yum, yum...
Oh, and I have played one member of the MIN team for the first time. I lost but it was a good game (1vs1 on




January 24, 2002: Wolfsong Scripting and modding help

If you are interested by mission scripting, go check Wolfsong Modding help. He is doing a great job at helping people get into it. Check it out the platoon web site.
Wolfsong has also worked with the War Fighters site to create the mission that will be played in the tournament (Check it out from our tournament page).




January 23, 2002: Using Hamburger Hill revisited

After some useful comments (thanks to Gengisk) , here are some important information about hosting a PDL Hamburger Hill revisited mission:
-The Game type *must* be set to Mission, and not to Hamburger Hill. Setting it to Hamburger Hill will only trigger the default Hamburger Hill scenario.
-Furthermore, the supply zone is a *small* spot that can be located through the command map. Only one player at a time can resupply there, and resupply is checked once every seconds. On some maps the supply zone is larger, and is found more easily (embassy, red sqaure, airport for example).




January 22, 2002: Interview about the upcoming mission pack

Ghostrecon retreat has had the opportunity to interview Richard Dansky, Game Designer and Central Tom Clancy writer about the content of the first mission pack.




January 21, 2002: Hamburger Hill revisited by PDL v1.2

Some modification have been brought to the hamburger hill mission pack released last week. A bug that affected the ammo supply zone has been corrected, and now every team can benefit from this zone. This supply zone can now be precisely located on the command map.




January 20, 2002: GR game of the year at IGN PC

GhostRecon has been nominated Game of the Year, Editor's choice at IGN PC Web site.

Head Shot web site is back online at the following
web site.




January 17, 2002: Patchs Info

Official news for the upcoming patch can be found here. The patch will also have something about voting to eject players.

Other good news include the fact the RSE will release more editing tools for Ghostrecon. We (the whole GR community) are asking for them, and it looks like they (BI and RSE) are listening...

Also available are more
screenshots from the first GR mission pack (still announced in March).




January 16, 2002: A new Mod forum and UbiSoft questions

A new official forum has appeared on the official web site. It is dedicated to mods information.

The guys at
piestactics.comhave gathered some questions from the community for an upcoming interview with UbiSoft. Here are the questions that will be asked.
- Will the maps be generally smaller or larger than the Ghost Recon maps?
- What is the promised new multiplayer mode?
- Will the Ghosts take on both Ethiopian and Eritrean forces, or some divergent force?
- What will be the name of the mission pack?
- Will the expansion pack be packaged with unsupported tools which will allow for more advanced Ghost Recon editing, such as level geometry editing?
- Outside of new weapons, characters and levels, what other core elements in the game will have changed?
- Will there be an actual ending to the game?




January 14, 2002: Vote for GhostRecon

All Out Games has a poll for best game 2001. Let's do some community work, and go vote for our favorite on their web site.




January 13, 2002: Where are the choppers in GR?

Our friends at have more on this subject. Check it out on their web site.




January 12, 2002: Panoramic views @ theplatoon and new screen shots

Check out the cool panoramic views of the map that the guys at have done. Great job!

Some new
screenshots of the next mission packs have also been released.




January 11, 2002: Visit The maps featured at

A big thanks to the team at Posted January, 9th, they rated our Visit The Maps tool has a must have:
"Visit the Maps: one of the oft-requested hacks for Ghost Recon is some way to play through the multiplayer-only maps in single player (for practice and so on). This hack allows you to do exactly that, and so it's a definite must-have."
Thanks to PDL Hagen for the original idea.

Check out also their
latest news about modding, and the "track the terrorists" themes mods. Big media are casting an eye on this new way of altering softwares to match the news headline, and it's worth reading.




January 9, 2002: More news for the Mission Pack

The web site offers an interview of redstorm about the mission pack. Check it here.




January 8, 2002: More Pictures of next mission pack

... on our page screenshots.




January 7, 2002: Breakthrough at the

Posted by MIN_moby on forum
"Mike Schell has made some really great progress in taking GR mod maps to another level. he has now found a way to remove trees & foliage from the GR maps. He made a treeless MO1 Caves map, and I gotta tell you, it looks just like afghanistan. There are more screens and info over at "
Hope that the next step will be the ability to add such objects on the maps. And more, We hope this will end in allowing all of us to create brand new maps for GR... We, at PDL, are active in voting and talking about pushing for a map editor for GR, as it is one of the main conditions for a long time success of GR!




January 5, 2002: Some useful links to the Ghostrecon official forum

Solution to the Mod problem that causes a GR crashes
First GR Patch infos
screenshots from the first GR mission pack (announced in March)




January 1, 2002:

Thanks to the one week vacation time available to me, I have been able to spend some time playing GR (a lot), working on the PDL site, and working with IGOR scripting, outside of having cool Xmas and New eve time. I will start to put online now the result of this work.

This site, outside of being the web site for PDL members, will also be steered to be useful to the GhostRecon community. My main dedication is on multiplayer games, so I won't work on missions, weapons or skins mods. A lot of people around are doing this very well, and I don't have the talents or skills to do better. So I chose to focus on multiplayer scenario and scripting for GR servers.

From the three team multiplayer modes that currently exists, Last Man is the most played. I think this is coming from the fact that SAR and Hamburger Hills did not have enough work done on them. HH mode often feature a site that is in the open and requires a lot of coordination to keep, while the position of the hostages in SAR is not necessarily optimal for the best game fun. Doing some work on these two mods is my first assignment, and I will post comments and results under the GR Multiplayer tab in the next days.

As a clan, we hope to be able to host in the future a PDL dedicated server. We are working on this, and this is part of the new year resolution for 2002.

I wish to all gamerz a great year 2002.

PDL Northpal.